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Since 1989, Our passion has been your Process Reliability and Profitability.

Introducing High efficiency NEW H1 Series.

Leak-Proof Monogram

Leak-Proof Pumps Products

Leak-Proof Pumps are installed in thousands of plants worldwide handling a wide variety of tough pumping challenges.

Leak-Proof Monogram

Introducing the New H1 Series

Leak-Proof Monogram

Improved efficiency

The new H1 series is developed to improve the efficiency by 30-50% than our previous models.

ReducesPower Consumption

Higher efficiency which ultimately reduces motor ratings and thus reduces the power consumption.

Reduce Project Cost

Along with better efficiency, some of the new developed models reduce the cost of entire project.

Easy Conversion

Existing pump models can be converted to H1 series by changing the casing, back plate and impeller of the same.

Reduce Inventory Level

Power end in H1 series will reduce inventory level and allow maximum interchangeability of spares.

Leak-Proof Pumps

The State-of-the-art manufacturing plant is well equipped with modern machine tools & testing facilities to produce world – class pumps.

Leak-Proof Pumps (I) Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 certified company is one of the MSER group of companies established in the year 1989 as one of the largest and leading manufacturers for Non-metallic pumps and Metallic centrifugal pumps in India.

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