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Leak-Proof Pumps

Leak Proof Pumps (I) Pvt. Ltd., part of the MSER Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company is India’s one of the largest and leading manufacturers of Metallic as well as Non-Metallic Centrifugal pumps.

At Leak-Proof Pumps, we focus on providing the best value combination of quality, reliability and delivery in the world.

Our mission is to enable the success of our customers through our excellent design features that reduces cost, power and increase performance, manufacturability and reliability.

The State-of-the-art manufacturing plant is well equipped with modern machine tools & testing facilities to produce world – class pumps conforming to relevant Indian & overseas standards & specifications.

Our expansion in the pump industry is large and we have strengthened our capacity to take on challenging requirements to fulfill with the help of our R&D team.

Our Founder & Inspiration

Abdul Razak Rajedia

Founder | Leak-Proof Pumps A dynamic leader and visionary innovator dreamt to search a solution for existing problems in Indian pumps market. To fill the void left in the industry he planned on establishing a firm to cater the needs of the market with development of cheapest and the best solution for corrosive media. His vision led to the establishment of Leak Proof Pumps in 1989. He developed polypropylene pumps and was moving forward with a vision of developing lined pumps. Sadly in 1999 after his demise, his brothers Mr. MSER, Mr EER & Mr AER carry forwarded the same vision and continued with the development of lined pumps. Slowly and steadily with the best quality, Leak Proof Pumps attained top spot in the market for non-metallic pumps. Today with the same vision and continuous development Mr MSER and his sons are pushing the organization to achieve our founders dream.