Leak-Proof Monogram

Series MRL : Non Metallic Series Pump

Series ‘MRL’ are magnetic driven heavy-duty lined chemical seal-less close coupled pumps and environmentally safe. The magnetic drive pumps vary from the traditional pumping style, as the motor is coupled to the pump by magnetic means rather than by a direct mechanical shaft.

The pump works via a drive magnet, 'driving' the pump rotor, which is magnetically coupled to the primary shaft driven by the motor. They have no direct connection between the motor shaft and the impeller so no gland is needed. There is no risk of leakage unless the casing is broken since the pump shaft is supported inside the pump it is provided by bushings. The inner magnets are protected by a patented hermetically sealed covered with a corrosion resistant PP, GFPP, PVDF, FEP and PFA.

  • Capacities Q   :    180 m3/hr
  • Head on H   :    100 Mtrs
  • Pressure P   :    16 Bar
  • Temperature T   :    80C (PP)
  • Temperature T   :    80C (GFPP)
  • Temperature T   :    120C (PVDF)
  • Temperature T   :    165C (FEP)
  • Temperature T   :    200C (PFA)
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