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Series R2S/R3S : Metallic Series Pump

Series R2S/R3S are positive displacement pumps consisting of two to three screws which turn in their precisely machined housing bores. These pumps are very silent in operation and free of pulsation.

The pump are used for transfer of fluids with lubricating properties as well as for generating pressure in hydraulic units/ overcoming pressure in hydraulic circuit. Most of the applications falls in the pressure range upto 10 bars but the pressure range upto 120 bar are admissible.

Twin Screw Pump Range
  • Capacity   :    Upto 5500 m3/hr
  • Pressure   :    Upto 16 Bar
Triple Screw Pump Range
  • Capacity   :    Upto 120 m3/hr
  • Pressure   :    Upto 24 Bar
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