Leak-Proof Monogram

Series RDZ : Non Metallic Series Pump

Series 'RDZ' are solid injection moulded 'pumps available in Polypropylene, GFRPP and UHMWPE materials which incorporate back pull-out feature. This feature offers all the advantages of easy maintenance similar to metallic pumps.

The metallic armour supports piping loads without any strain on the pumps suction and discharge nozzles.

The pump construction and the spacer coupling together helps dismantling of the rotor assembly without disturbing the suction, discharge pipes and motor. These features reduces the need for coupling alignment after every maintenance interval.

  • Capacities Q   :    250 m3/hr
  • Head on H   :    60 Mtrs
  • Pressure P   :    6 Bar
  • Temperature T   :    80C
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